Lecture 22: Demonstration Using ADINA - Nonlinear Analysis

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Topics: A demonstrative computer session using ADINA - nonlinear analysis

  • Use of ADINA for elastic-plastic analysis of a plate with a hole
  • Computer laboratory demonstration - Part II
  • Selection of solution parameters and input data preparation
  • Study of the effect of using different kinematic assumptions (small or large strains) in the finite element solution
  • Effect of a shaft in the plate hole, assuming frictionless contact
  • Effect of expanding shaft
  • Study and evaluation of solution results

Instructor: Klaus-Jürgen Bathe

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Study Guide (PDF)


Bathe, K. J. “Finite Elements in CAD and ADINA.Nuclear Engineering and Design 98 (December 1986): 57-67.

User Manuals, Verification Manual, and Theory and Modeling Guide for ADINA, see www.adina.com

Bathe, K. J., and A. Chaudhary. “A Solution Method for Planar and Axisymmetric Contact Problems.International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 21 (January 1985): 65-88.

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