Lecture 21: Demonstration Using ADINA - Linear Analysis

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Topics: A demonstrative computer session using ADINA - linear analysis

  • Use of the computer program ADINA for finite element analysis, discussion of data preparation, program solution, and display of results
  • Capabilities of ADINA
  • Computer laboratory demonstration - Part I
  • Linear analysis of a plate with a hole for the stress concentration factor
  • Data input preparation and mesh generation
  • Solution of the model
  • Study and evaluation of results using plots of stresses, stress jumps, and pressure bands

Instructor: Klaus-Jürgen Bathe

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Study Guide (PDF)


Bathe, K. J. “Finite Elements in CAD and ADINA.Nuclear Engineering and Design 98 (December 1986): 57-67.

User Manuals, Verification Manual, and Theory and Modeling Guide for ADINA, see www.adina.com

Sussman, T., and K. J. Bathe. “Studies of Finite Element Procedures: Stress Band Plots and the Evaluation of Finite Element Meshes.Engineering Computations 3 (1986): 178-191.

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