Lecture 1: Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis

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Topics: Introduction to nonlinear analysis

  • Introduction to the course
  • The importance of nonlinear analysis
  • Four illustrative films depicting actual and potential nonlinear analysis applications
  • General recommendations for nonlinear analysis
  • Modeling of problems
  • Classification of nonlinear analyses
  • Example analysis of a bracket, small and large deformations, elasto-plastic response
  • Two computer-plotted animations
    • elasto-plastic large deformation response of a plate with a hole
    • large displacement response of a diamond-shaped frame
  • The basic approach of an incremental solution
  • Time as a variable in static and dynamic solutions
  • The basic incremental/iterative equations
  • A demonstrative static and dynamic nonlinear analysis of a shell

Instructor: Klaus-Jürgen Bathe

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Ishizaki, T., and K. J. Bathe. “On Finite Element Large Displacement and Elastic-Plastic Dynamic Analysis of Shell Structures.Computers & Structures 12 (September 1980): 309-318.

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