Other MATLAB® Resources at MIT

Introduction to MATLAB, class materials that were originally developed for a hands-on training course offered by the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology (OEIT) at MIT.

MATLAB Information from course 18.06, Linear Algebra

MATLAB Tutorial from course 10.34, Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering

  • MATLAB Tutorial (PDF)
  • Chapter 1: Basic MATLAB Commands (PDF)
  • Chapter 2: Programming Structures (PDF)
  • Chapter 3: Basic Graphing Routines (PDF)
  • Chapter 4: Advanced Matrix Operations (PDF)
  • Chapter 5: File Input/Output (PDF)
  • Chapter 6: Writing and Calling Functions (PDF)
  • Chapter 7: Data Structures and Input Assertion (PDF)
  • Chapter 8: MATLAB Compiler (PDF)