OCW Course Champions Program

Help build OCW's future one course at a time

OCW is built one course at a time when faculty donate their course materials for open publication. Often the materials they share represent a lifetime of scholarship and teaching, and their gift is an act of intellectual philanthropy that touches the lives of millions worldwide.

Now, through our Course Champions program, you can demonstrate your commitment to knowledge as a public good by providing annual support for one of OCW's courses. With your gift, you join the MIT faculty in building OCW course by course.

Annual Support

Your Course Champion Gift of $5,000 provides one year of support for the course of your choice on OCW site.

Course Champions providing annual support receive:

  • Acknowledgment by name on the course of your choice for one year
  • A personalized message from you linked from your course
  • Acknowledgment, including your personal message, in the MIT OpenCourseWare newsletter
  • Invitations to on-campus and virtual OCW events

Your gift supports:

  • Ongoing delivery of your course
  • Delivery of OCW to developing regions
  • Teaching and technology innovation in the department of your course

Consider a gift of $15,000 or $25,000 to support several courses from a favorite professor or to support a favorite course for multiple years. We also welcome Course Champion support from groups of supporters, clubs, foundations and other charitable organizations.

Contact ocw-outreach@mit.edu for more information.


OCW Course Champions

"OpenCourseWare is exactly the kind of thing that universities should be doing."

- Larry Birenbaum

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MIT Alumni

In every student's time at MIT, there is a professor – or sometimes a course – that defines the experience of being at the Institute.

Years after leaving MIT, most alumni can point to a professor or a course that changed the direction of their career or ignited their interest in a specific field.

Share that special course, the work of that memorable professor, with the world. Through your Course Champion gift, the education that changed your life can change the lives of others.