This course is mostly composed of lectures (L) and recitations (R). Lectures take one of three forms, as specified in the table below: a standard lecture session, a role simulation, or a class debate.

Part I: Introduction
L1 Introduction and Overview
L2 Game 1: Puerto Mauricio Puerto Mauricio development conflict simulation parts I and II
R1 Gentle Introduction to Blogging
L3 Puerto Mauricio: Post-game Redux
Part II: The Environmental Policy Debate
L4 Growth vs. Scarcity
R2 Debates
L5 Utilitarianism vs. Deep Ecology
L6 Command-Control vs. Markets
L7 Expert Knowledge vs. Indigenous Knowledge
L8-L9 Game 2: Madrona Siting an asphalt plant in the city of Madrona role simulation
L10 Game 3: Joint Fact- finding Offshore wind farm negotiation role simulation
Part III: Environmental Planning Techniques and Strategies
L11 Environmental Planning and Management
L12 Land Use Planning and Collaborative Methods
L13 Land Conservation and Sustainable Design
L14 Growth Management
L15 Hazard Mitigation and Ecosystem Management
L16 Geospatial Data Quiz 1
L17 Stormwater Management and Runoff Pollution
L18 Landscape Ecology
L19 Biodiversity and Integrated Assessment
L20 Game 4: Pablo-Burford Managing groundwater beneath the Pablo-Burford border role simulation
Part IV: Synthesis and Preparation for Practice
L21-L22 EPG Faculty Presentation
R3 Your Final Memo
L23-L24 EPG Faculty Presentation (cont.)
L25-L26 Final Memo Presentations and Discussion Final memo due