This schedule shows the due dates for each assignment, and gives a description for each. To summarize, the case write-up is a team exercise worth 30% of a student's course grade, while the book review is completed by a student working individually and is worth 10%.

1 Course Introduction Lecture  
2 Burger King and McDonald's Case  
3 Capacity Lecture  
4 National Cranberry Case  
5 Webvan Case  
6 Inventory Lecture  
7 Barilla Case  
8 Sport Obermeyer Case Graded case write-up due at the beginning of class (PDF)
9 Production Control Lecture All students please complete the class feedback survey #1
10 Hewlett-Packard Case  
11 The Goal Book Book Review

This assignment is due at the beginning of class today. Prepare a one page summary of The Goal formatted as follows:

1. List your (at most) 6 main take-aways from the book (at most 2-3 sentence each); and

2. List the (at most) 4 main critiques (at most 2-3 sentence each) you would make about this book
12 Quality Lecture  
13 Toyota Case  
14 Process Design Lecture  
15 Global Financial Corp. Case  
16 Supply Chain Design Lecture  
17 Product Design Lecture  
18 Sega Dreamcast Case  
19 Simulation and Course Wrap-up Lecture Students with last names M-Z please complete the class feedback survey #2