Reading Questions for Session 19

Please answer all of the following questions and write two of your own!

"Tian ci: Faye Wong and English Songs in the Cantopop and Mandapop Repertoire"

  1. What is the "tian ci" tradition? How is it applicable to a discussion about Cantopop?
  2. What are the main factors driving the importation / appropriation of western, Asian, and Middle Eastern songs by Cantopop artists?
  3. Mitchell asks the question, is Faye Wong a "Copycat or Reinterpreter?" What do you think?

"English in Hong Kong Cantopop: Language Choice, Code-Switching and Genre"

  1. What is "code-switching"?
  2. What do linguists think some of the reasons are that people from Hong Kong in particular engage in Cantonese-English code switching?
  3. What does Chan mean by "the language of Cantopop is characterized by its hybridity"?
  4. What are the various frameworks Chan provides for understanding code-switching in Cantopop, and what does "genre" have to do with it?

Your Questions!