Reading Questions for Session 13

Please select eight of the following questions to answer and write two of your own!

Guy, "Made in Taiwan"

  1. What is Guy's main thesis in this piece?
  2. Who are the "benshengren"? Who are the "waishengren"? How does Guy characterize the Taiwan aborigines?
  3. What changes to popular music transpired after the end of martial law?
  4. What song influenced the creation of Xin Baodao Kangle Dui (New Formosa Band)'s Huanju ge? Google the title of this song and listen to it. How is it similar to "Huanju ge" (one of the listening assignments)? How is it different?
  5. Who is Difang Duana? How and why did he become known in the international community?
  6. Why does Guy think the popular songs of the aboriginal peoples have acquired social and political salience in contemporary Taiwan?

Guy, "Republic of China National Anthem on Taiwan"

  1. Whose inauguration forms the context for this article? When did it take place?
  2. Why does Guy think the national anthem is an interesting genre to explore? What special qualities does it have?
  3. What is Bhaktin's notion of "dialogic discourse"? Why does Guy find it helpful in exploring the performance of the national anthem?
  4. Who is A-mei? What consequences did she face in mainland China for performing the national anthem at the inauguration? Why?
  5. Why is the national anthem controversial in Taiwan?
  6. Why does Guy think A-mei's performance of the anthem was meaningful to some listeners?