Reading Questions for Session 12

Please select eight of the following questions to answer and write two of your own!

Hatfield, "Taiwan"

  1. What were the major periods of colonial rule on Taiwan?
  2. How would you characterize popular music during the Japanese colonial period? How did it sound? What kinds of themes did lyrics explore?
  3. During the 1950s and 1960s, how did music respond to political phenomena? How did policies regarding language affect the kinds of music that could be performed and disseminated?
  4. What was the impetus for the New Folk Music Movement?
  5. Who is Ch'en Ming-chang? Look him up online and provide a link to a performance of his that you find interesting.

Guy, "Feeling a Shared History through Song"

  1. What are the lyrics to "A Flower in the Rainy Night" about?
  2. What factors does Guy argue impact listeners' emotional reactions to the song?
  3. What is a "key cultural symbol"? What kind of symbol does Guy think "A Flower in the Rainy Night" is?
  4. How does Guy characterize the production of Taiwanese popular songs during the years between 1932–1937? How are the themes of "A Flower in the Rainy Night" consistent or inconsistent with other popular music from that period?
  5. How did "A Flower in the Rainy Night" become a part of the soundscape of the 2002 Mayoral Election in Taipei?

Website, "Taiwan Pop Songs History"

  1. Explore the website and pick two tracks that you find particularly interesting, either because you like or dislike them. Prepare to discuss them in class!