Lecture Notes

This page presents detailed outlines for many of the lecture sessions.

Part 1: European Music before WWII

(Composers and ideas which gained in importance before 1939 or at least 1945. Some works studied will be from as late as 1956 but in "older" styles.)



Antecedents and the State of Music, 1899. The "Long Nineteenth Century." 1900-1960: The Big Questions.

2 Stravinsky Throws Down the Gauntlet (PDF)
3 Bartok (PDF)
4 German Music between the Wars (And a Little Before and After...) (PDF)
5 The Second Viennese School: Tonality and Atonality (PDF)
6 The Second Viennese School: Twelve-Tone Tonality (PDF)
7 Neoclassicism and Stravinsky (ca. 1920-1952)
Part 2: American Music Before WWII
8 Introduction; Antecedents
9 Charles Ives
10 Ruth Crawford Seeger and other American Modernists
11 The "Art-Scientists": Cowell, Antheil, Varese (PDF)
12 Still, Gershwin (And Bernstein)
13 Aaron Copland (Guest Lecture)
14 Virgil Thomson (PDF)
Part 3: Music During and After WWII
15 The Continued Tonal Tradition I: Britten and Barber (PDF)
16 The Continued Tonal Tradition II: Shostakovich (PDF)
17 Oliver Messiaen (PDF)
18 Total Serialism 1: Babbitt and Stockhausen (PDF)
19 Serialism 2: Nono and Stravinsky
20 Boulez, Carter and the Legacy of Serial Aesthetic (PDF)
21 Electronic Music (PDF)
22 Cage and Aleatory (PDF)

Aleatory 2: Open Form, New York School and Fluxus (PDF)

(Bring Instruments Today!)

24 Nancarrow and Partch: Two American Originals (PDF)