Problem Sets

This page presents the problem set assignments, along with supporting MATLAB® datafiles and demonstration videos. Solutions to the problem sets are not available.

Unit I. (Numerical) Calculus; Elementary Programming Concepts PSet 1 (PDF) Datafile (MAT) The Macro-Me-Robot^1
Unit II. Monte Carlo Methods PSet 2 (PDF - 2.7MB) Datafiles (ZIP) (This file contains: 1 .m file and 1 .mat file.)  
Unit III. Linear Algebra 1: Matrices and Least Squares; Regression Pset 3 (PDF) Datafile (MAT) The Macro-Me-Robot: Friction Test
Unit IV. Ordinary Differential Equations Pset 4 (PDF)

Datafiles (ZIP) (This file contains: 2 .m files and 2 .mat files.)

Script for exact analytical solution of Questions 5 (ii) and 9 (ii) (M)

Unit V. Linear Algebra 2: Linear Systems No problem sets for this unit
Unit VI. Linear Algebra 3: Eigenvalue Problems No problem sets for this unit
Unit VII. Nonlinear Problems Pset 5 (PDF)

Datafiles (ZIP) (This file contains: 2 .m files and 1 .mat file.)

Template to help with plotting in Questions 5 and 6 (M)

Robot Arm Demo