Reading Questions - R Intro

Reading Questions Answer Checker

To check your answers put them in the appropriate box and click the 'Check' button. Every checker box can do arithmetic and calculate standard functions (see calculator help). If you give decimal answers, give them to at least 3 decimal places.

As you work you should have pencil and paper handy for calculations and thinking!

Note: some questions ask for a formula. For the checker we ask you to plug a value into the formula. For your pset you still need to give the whole formula.



At this point you should have installed R and R studio. If not, you should do that now.


The first thing to do with R is to make sure you can start it and then we will do some simple calculations. Give your answers to at least 2 decimal places of accuracy. Go ahead and start R Studio. You should see a window with 4 panes. The command prompt (the >) is in the bottom left window.