Course Reader

These notes were written by Prof. Arthur Mattuck and are designed to supplement the textbook. The exercises and solutions were written by Prof. David Jerison, except for exercise section 7 by Prof. Mattuck.


G Graphing functions (PDF)
C Continuity and discontinuity (PDF)
X Exponentials and logarithms (PDF)
A Approximation (PDF)
MVT Mean-value theorem (PDF)
PI Properties of definite integrals (PDF)
FT The second fundamental theorem of calculus (PDF)
AV Average value (PDF)
F Heaviside's cover-up method (PDF)
INT Improper integrals (PDF)

Exercises, Problems, and Solutions

E Exercises sections 1-7 (starred exercises are not solved in section S.) (PDF - 2.3 MB)
S Solutions to exercises (PDF - 4.1 MB)
RP Review problems and solutions RP1-RP5 (PDF)