Course Meeting Times

2 sessions / week, 2 hours / session

Class Sessions

Class will meet twice per week for film viewing and/or discussion. Make sure you do all the reading and are prepared to participate fully in the discussion.


The assignments for this subject will include:

  1. Notes and annotations keyed to specific passages in the films we watch, prepared for each class. The length, complexity and format of these notes will vary, depending on several factors, including whether it's your turn to begin a discussion and whether we have on-line tools available for the film being discussed, but the expectation will be that each student prepares at least several well-defined short notes for each film.
  2. Discussion introductions/presentations. Each student will introduce at least one film, beginning with a ten-minute multimedia presentation on some question, theme, or pattern in the film, using video clips, cued up videotape, DVD or online tools. These presentations will usually be made by two students working together.
  3. Short papers. Two 3 page papers will be assigned during the term.
  4. Final project/presentation. During the last two weeks of class, each student will present a 20 minute multimedia paper/presentation on a film or a topic relating to several films. The projects will usually be prepared by pairs of students working together.


A list in the study materials section includes a few key articles and books relevant to the films we will study. Starred entries appear in the calendar and everyone should read them. Others are recommended and may be useful in preparing final projects.