ns Simulator Information

Running ns

You can build your own copy of the ns simulator from source by downloading it from the official ns web site.

Accessing the Source Code

You can find all of the source code for ns, as well as other useful materials, at the web site.

Useful ns Links

  • The official ns web site 
    (Almost everything you need to know about ns can be accessed from this site.)
  • On-line Tcl man pages
  • Athena on-line help
  • 6.829 ns tutorial slides (PDF)
    • 1 minute TCL tutorial — 1.tcl (TCL)
    • 1 minute oTCL tutorial — 2.tcl (TCL)
    • ns 1: Creating Topology — 3.tcl (TCL)
    • ns 2: Attaching Agents — 4.tcl (TCL)
    • ns 2: TCP Agents — 5.tcl (TCL)
    • ns 3: Attaching Sources — 6.tcl (TCL)
    • ns 4: Tracing — 7.tcl (TCL)