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Please note:

  1. This course is structured in three modules: Internetworking and routing; Resource management; and Network services. The modules are inter-related.
  2. Lecture numbers (L1, L2, etc.) are linked to corresponding lecture notes. Generally, these will appear on this page soon after the lecture. Not all notes are in flowing text; usually they are in bullet form and highlight things I consider important about each paper or the area being discussed.
  3. For all lectures, you MUST try and read the assigned papers BEFORE lecture. I will not repeat a lot of detail of what's in the paper, but instead focus only on a few important pieces, and give you a flavor of other work in the area as well. You're likely to get the most out of each lecture if you read the material beforehand.
  4. Pay attention to the due dates for problem sets, project proposal, project interim status, and other deadlines. All deadlines are hard.
  5. The paper codes refer to papers found on the course-reading list.
  6. Paper codes in parentheses (e.g., (RJ90)) are optional reading. Read some of these if you have time, or are especially interested in the corresponding material. You'll learn a great deal and may find it useful for your project. We won't hand these papers out in class; in most cases, Web links are available.
L1 L0 for background (PDF)
Part I: Internetworking and Routing
Packet Switching (PDF)
A Simple Network
L0 for background  
L2 The Internetworking Problem (PDF)
The IP/TCP Split
Scaling IP
CK74, Cla88  
L3 Scaling IP (cont.) (PDF)
Routers: Forwarding and Routing
The IP Forwarding Path
Hin96, BCDP97  
T1 Tutorial on useful tools (PDF)    
L4 Unicast Internet Routing: Intra- and Inter-Domain Routing (PDF)
Project suggestions handed out; proposals due 1 day after T3
L4 notes (Nor00) For intra-domain routing background, see any undergraduate text's routing chapter. You should be familiar with distance-vector and link-state routing.
L5 Internet Routing-in-the-Wild Pax97  
T2 Intro to the ns2 Network Simulator (PDF)    
L6 Router Design and Implementation P+98, McK96  
[Lecturer: Nick Feamster]
Security Problems with the Internet Architecture (PDF) Bel89, Sno+01 IPSec (RFC1825)
T3 Tutorial on IPv6 (PDF)    
  Project Proposals Due (3 days after T3). Three hard copies.    
L8 Part II: Resource Management
End-to-End Congestion Control (PDF)
JK88, CJ89  
L9 Router-Assisted Congestion Control: Active Queue Management (PDF) FJ93, KHR02  
L10 Fair Queuing and Variants (PDF) DKS90, SSZ98  
[Lecturer: Jacob Strauss]
Modeling and Measurement-I: Packet Trains
Slides (PDF)
DJ02 (Bol93)
T5 TCP Congestion Control Impediments    
L12 Adaptive Network Applications
Nick's CM slides (PDF)
Xiaowei's ALF slides (PDF)
CT90, BSR99  
T6 Quiz 1 Review    
  Quiz 1: In Class (4 days after T6) All material covered so far.  
  Project Meetings (2 days after Quiz 1)    
T7 Tutorial: Project Office Hours    
L13 QoS-I: Why QoS; Basic Models and Architecture (PDF) She95, CSZ92  
L14 QoS-II: Mechanisms and Properties CF98 RSVP (Z+95) (RFC 2205-2209)
T8 Tutorial: Project Office Hours    
L15 (Notes from Fall 01) Modeling and Measurement-II: Traffic Self-Similarity; Virus Propagation (PDF) WGJPS01, SPW02  
L16 Part III: Communication and Network Services
P2P Networks
Distributed Hash Table (DHT) Abstraction and Algorithms
SMKKB01, BKKMS03 (Cla00)
L17 [Lecturer: Nick Feamster] Routing in Overlay Networks (PDF) ABKM01, Sto+02  
Resource Discovery
Other Examples of Lookups
Project write-up (checkpoint) due in class
JSBM01 Include outline of final paper, progress so far, related work section.
L19 Wireless and Mobility: MAC Protocols, Routing BDSZ94, BMJ+98  
L20 Wireless Protocols: Data Transport and Sensor Data Dissemination (Cross-Layer Protocols) BSK95, IGE00  
T11 Anonymity (PDF)    
L21 Group Communication: Multicast Routing and Transport MS97, Flo+97  
L22 Multicast (cont.); Scalability and Robustness in Networks (PDF) ASSW02  
  Project Presentations (2 days after L22)   All Day
  Project Presentations (3 days after L22)   All Day
  Quiz 2: In class (7 days after L22)    
  Project Papers Due (3 days after Quiz 2)
(Two copies of 8-10 page conference-style paper, 10-point font, single-spaced, double-column. Page count includes figures, tables, etc.)
  No extensions!