Lab 6: Charcoal Making & Stove Testing

Lab Summary

With your team, prepare to do the charcoal training you will be conducting in the field.

You will demonstrate a full charcoal training for Amy. You will need to gather all the supplies and go through every step, justifying any decisions that need to be made, but you will not actually burn material.

It is critical that you rehearse and practice this ahead of time. You will be graded on preparation, clarity of explanation, undertaking all the steps properly.

At the conclusion of the mock training, you will hand in and then discuss the list of supplies you'll need to conduct the training in the field and how you will acquire each one.

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Download the video from iTunes U or the Internet Archive.

Description: In this lab, the class does a charcoal burn from start to finish, loading the drum, lighting it, and sealing it after some of the burn. While the burn is going on, they grate yucca to make a binder and make briquettes using the contents from a previous burn.

Speaker: Amy Banzaert