Lecture Notes

Sample student presentations are included courtesy of the students listed below.

1 Introduction
Part I (PDF)
Part II (PDF - 1.4 MB)
2 Overview Papers by Chin-Wu Chen (PDF)

The Core-Mantle Boundary Layer and Deep Earth Dynamics
3 The D'' Discontinuity and its Implications

D'' Region and Chemical Interaction by Einat Lev (PDF)
4 Ultralow Velocity Zone at the Core-Mantle Boundary

ULVZ and CMB Reaction by Karin Louzada (PDF - 1.1 MB)

ULVZ and Thermal Gradient Across CMB
by Erwan Mazarico (PDF)

Fuzzy Patches on the Earth's Core-Mantle Boundary? by Guangping Xu (PDF)

Seismic Detection of Rigid Zones at the Top of the Core by Chin-Wu Chen (PDF)

6 Lower-mantle Solidus by Karin Louzada (PDF)

Solidus of Earth's Deep Mantle
7 D'' Anisotropy and Mineral Texture by Maureen Long (PDF)
8 D'' Anisotropy and Mineral Texture (cont.) by Maureen Long (PDF)

Deformation of (Mg0.9Fe0.1)SiO3
Perovskite Aggregates up to 32 GPa
9 Geodynamic Constraints by Guangping Xu (PDF)
10 D'' Anisotropy and Mineral Texture and Plumes
11 Geochemical Constraints
12 Core-mantle Coupling and Geomagnetic Field
13 Student Presentations
14 Student Presentations