1 Introductory Lecture: Pulp Fictions
2 Borges, Wright and Pearce, Janet Murray: Three Important Thinkers/Authors on the Structure of Non-Linear Narrative Supplementary lecture by Cory Doctorow
3 President's Day: No Class
4 Metamedia Guest lecture by Kurt Fendt

Class presentation: Assignment 1, written non-linear narrative

Break into work groups for semester-long game play
5 Games People Play Class presentation: Assignment 1, written non-linear narrative (cont.)

Filmstrip. Gilliam, Terry. Twelve Monkeys, 1995.
6 Final Cut Lab Session Class meets at the MIT New Media Center
7 Cybernetics and Feedback Class presentation: Assignment 2, audiovisual non-linear narrative
8 Mobile Media
9 Patriot's Day: No Class
10 Rules of Play / ARG Class presentation: Assignment 3, game diary

Filmstrip. Marker, Chris. La Jetée, 1962.
11 Ubiquitous Computing Guest Lecture by David Mindell

Class presentation: Assignment 4, game chart
12 ICA Living in Motion: Design and Architecture for Flexible Dwelling Class Field Trip: ICA Boston
13 Final Project Presentations Class presentation: Assignment 5, final media project
14 Final Project Presentations