Files presented on this page are courtesy of the students, and used with permission.

1 Write a non-linear narrative.

Top to Bottom, by Neal Grigsby (PDF)

Oedipus Ergodic, by Peter Rauch

2 Create a non-linear narrative using audio and/or visual material. Projects may be analogue, digital, architectural modeling, etc.

Video Project, by Bryan A Haddon (MOV - 11.4 MB) (Soundtrack by Easy Star All-Stars, presented courtesy of Easy Star Records. Used with permission.)

Non-Linear Video Narrative, by Dany Qumsiyeh (MOV 1 - 5.2 MB) (MOV 2 - 9.9 MB) (MOV 3 - 13.8 MB) (MOV 4 - 4.3 MB)

3 Write a game diary. Throughout the semester students are to keep a journal of group game play or group narrative construction. A minimum of 2 pages per week (500 words) is due at each class session. Periodically, students will present this material to the group. In total, this will be a serialized 18-24 page writing assignment over the course of the semester.  
4 Create a graph or chart that describes narrative structure in a video game or other non-linear format.

Escape Velocity Nova Missions, by Dany Qumsiyeh (PDF)

Grand Theft Auto III, Portland Map, by Neal Grigsby (JPG)

Narrative Structure of an MMD, by Amir Hirsch (JPG)

Starcraft Plot Map, by Geoffrey Long (PDF)

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Narrative, by Peter Rauch (PDF)


Final Media Project

Throughout the semester students will work in groups (2-3) on an ongoing game, narrative construction, or other form of non-linear or interactive construction. Forums such as Second Life, WoW, or work in the Cambridge Media Center are possibilities. Student may also come up with their own form of group activity that addresses the issues relevant to the class. The professor must approve independent research topics At the end of the semester, each working group will collectively write a five-page paper describing the nature of the project, its technical construction, and its conceptual methodology.

Madlibs, by Alexander M. Burg, Bryan A Haddon, and Dana Gorodetsky (PDF)

Background on The Curtain:

World descriptions by Peter Rauch and Neal Grigsby (PDF)

A description of the project, along with some email transcripts detailing its evolution (PDF)