1 Discussion of Hippocratic Writings Oath draft due
2 Discussion of Hippocratic Writings (cont.)
3 Peer Review Rough draft of essay 1 due
4 Discussion of Hippocratic Writings (cont.)
5 Discussion of Medical Ethics Final draft 1 due
6 Library Visit
7 Discussion of Medical Ethics: Comas Assignment 2 distributed
8 Discussion of Medical Ethics: Requests to Die
9 Discussion of Medical Ethics: Human Subjects
10 Peer Review Rough draft 2 due

Proposal for research paper assigned
11 No Class (Go! To! The! Library!)
12 Discussion of Illness Narratives Final draft 2 due
13 Discussion of Illness Narratives (cont.) Proposal for research paper due
14 Discussion of Noonday Demon
15 Discussion of Noonday Demon (cont.)
16 Illness Narrative and Noonday Demon discussed together
17 Research Clinic - Bring in your Problems

Oral Presentation Techniques Discussed
18 Peer Review Rough draft of research paper due
19 Prof. Ann Jurecic Visits Annotated bibliography due
20 Discussion of The Plague
21 Discussion of The Plague (cont.)
22-24 Presentations Portfolios due two days after session 24