This calendar provides information on the course's lecture (L) and recitation (R) sessions.

L1 Course Overview and Roadmap, Carrier Systems Overview PS1 Out
L2 Linear Programming Overview
R1 Linear Programming, Software
L3 Solving Linear Programming Problems
L4 Integer Programming PS1 Due, PS2 Out
R2 Integer Programming
L5 Networks
R3 Networks
L6 Part 1: Direct Transportation PS2 Due, PS3 Out
L7 Part 1: Transportation and Procurement
R4 Direct Transportation/ Transportation and Procurement
L8 Part 2: Transit Vehicle Scheduling PS3 Due, PS4 Out
L9 Part 2: Transit Crew Scheduling
L10 Part 3: Airline Routing and Crew Scheduling
R5 Transit Vehicle and Crew Scheduling PS4 Due
L11 Part 3: Airline Routing and Crew Scheduling (cont.)
L12 Real-time Operations Control
L13 Synthesis and Review
L14 Final Exam