The in-class assignments are completed by students during class, and the post-class assignments are due in the following class (unless otherwise noted). Additional resources for each of the assignments can be found in the Supplemental Materials section.

Introduction to the class

Why this class?

Short History of Teaching and Learning the American University

Assignment A: What will teaching look like in the next 50 years?

Assignment B: Discussion of Data from Saakar & Seymour.

Define Your Learning Goals. (PDF)
2 What we know about student learning in higher education How can research inform your teaching? Consider, in more detail, how you will apply the research on learning to your teaching.
3 Developing your teaching philosophy Review and discuss the Teaching Philosophy Statements of others. Draft your own teaching philosophy statement. (PDF)
4 Course Design & Planning: Planning Backward, Learning Outcomes & Strategic Teaching Work collectively to construct a syllabus for a course outside of your discipline. Complete the Strategic Teaching Template, and draft a syllabus for a course that you might teach. (PDF)
5 Teaching Methodologies: Part I - Lecturing Characteristics of a Lecture. Consider the characteristics of a lecture that make it effective. (PDF)
6 Teaching Methodologies: Part II - Active Learning, Why and How? In small groups, discuss how you can take a topic you might teach and build in active learning opportunities to advance the learning outcomes associated with that topic. Build active learning into Post-Class Assignment 5. (PDF)
7 What Can Nerds Learn from Actors?   Practice delivering a lecture being conscious of your presentation style, format and characteristics. (PDF)
8 Designing Homework and Exam Questions In pairs, analyze textbook problems to identify core concepts and cognitive levels. In pairs, analyze textbook problems to identify core concepts and cognitive levels. (PDF)
9 Teaching Problem Solving Work in pairs to analyze your own problem solving strategies and methods. Analyze your problem-solving strategies, and consider how you will teach this strategy to others. (PDF)
10 Grading and Assessment   [No Post-Class Assignment]
11 Teaching in a Multicultural Classroom   Post-Class Assignment 11. (PDF)
12 Microteaching - Group #1   

Post-Class Assignment 12/13. (PDF)

13 Microteaching - Group #2  

Post-Class Assignment 12/13. (PDF)

14 Final Assignment   Please revise your teaching philosophy statement to reflect what you have learned this semester. Include a separate paragraph at the end (demarcated as such) that highlights any significant additions, subtractions, or revisions that you have made to your TPS. Due in final class session.