Lecture Notes

1-4 Elementary Kinetics


Elementary Steps, Steady State Approximation, Transform Methods

Numerical Solution of Differential Equations

Use of CHEMKIN® and Similar Software


Literature Sources of Thermo, Kinetics
Numerical Solution to Kinetic Equations (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
5-8 Experimental Kinetics

Experimental Techniques

Signal-to-noise Estimation

Dynamic Range

Data Analysis
9 Review of Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics  
10 In Class Exam  
11-14 Reaction Rate Theory

Potential Energy Surfaces

Intro to Quantum Chemistry

Reaction Paths

Transition State Theory

RRKM Theory

Relation to Quantum Scattering

Pressure Dependence: Fall-off, Chemical-activation
A Short Summary of Quantum Chemistry (PDF)
15-16 Heterogeneous Reactions Catalysis Notes (PDF)
17-18 Practical Methods for Predicting Kinetics and Thermodynamics

Functional Groups

Group Additivity, Reaction Families
19-22 Handling Large Kinetic Models

Sensitivity Analysis, Uncertainty Propagation

Kinetic Model Reduction

Range of Validity of Kinetic Models

Computer Construction of Chemical Kinetic Models

Example: Atmospheric Chemistry Models
Kinetic Model Completeness (PDF)
23-24 Reactions in Solution

Liquid Phase Reactions

Solvent Effects
25-26 Catalysis

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis

Catalysis by Acids/Bases, Enzymes, Organometallics, Metals, Oxides
27-28 Presentation and Review of Semester Projects