A session wise schedule of readings is provided in the table below.


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Other Resources

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Readings Text Legend

H = Hill
Mac = Maczek
Met = Metiu

1 Review of thermodynamics H: 1-6
2 E, A, and S: macroscopic properties for microscopic probabilities {Pi} H: 6-20
3 Canonical partition function: replace {Pi} by Q H: 12-13 and 18-20
4 Microcanonical ensemble: replace {Pi} by Ω, Q vs. Ω H: 26-30 and 33-38
5 Molecular partition function: replace E (assembly) by ε (molecule)

H: 59-70

Mac: 16-19

Met: 49-55

6 Q corrected for molecular indistinguishability H: 68-70
7 Translational part of Boltzmann partition function H: 74-77
8 Boltzmann, Fermi-Dirac, and Bose-Einstein statistics H: 59-72
9 Calculation of macroscopic properties from microscopic energy levels: qtrans H: 74-81

Quantum vs. classical qtrans


Internal degrees of freedom

H: 82-85 and 112-115
11 Internal degrees of freedom for atoms and diatomic molecules

H: 147-158

Mac: 42-53


Rotational partition function


H: 153-159

Mac: 47-53

Met: 131-142

13 Nuclear spin statistics: symmetry number, σ Low temperature limit for rotational partition function

H: 153-159 and 466-472

Mac: 54-57

14 Low and high-T limits for qrot and qvib

H: 153-159

Mac: 51-53

15 Polyatomic molecules: rotation and vibration

H: 151-153

Mac: 53 and 58-63

16 Chemical equilibrium I

H: 177-182

Mac: 77-83

Met: 179-191

17 Chemical equilibrium II

H: 182-187

Mac: 83-92

Met: 191-196

18 Model intermolecular potentials H: 261-274
21 Thermodynamics of solid: Einstein and Debye models H: 86-98
22 Einstein and Debye solids H: 98-105 and 490-495
24 Free electron theory of a metal H: 441-444