Lecture Notes

The lecture notes available below were prepared by student "scribes" during the semester. These notes are courtesy of MIT students and are used with permission.


I. Equivalent Circuit Models
1 Basic physics of galvanic cells (PDF)
2 Electrochemical energy conversion (PDF)
3 Electrochemical energy storage (PDF)
4 Equivalent circuit dynamics (PDF)
5 Impedance spectroscopy (PDF - 1.3MB)
6 Impedance of electrodes (PDF)
II. Thermodynamics
7 Statistical thermodynamics (PDF) (Courtesy of ChangHoon Lim. Used with permission.)
8 Nernst equation (PDF)
9 Fuel cells and lead-acid batteries (PDF)
10 Li-ion batteries (PDF) (Courtesy of Andrew Jones. Used with permission.)
11 Reconstitution electrodes (PDF)
III. Reaction Kinetics
12 Faradaic reactions in dilute solutions (PDF)
13 Butler-Volmer equation (PDF) (Courtesy of ChangHoon Lim. Used with permission.)
14 Reactions in concentrated solutions (PDF)
15 Ion absorption and intercalation (PDF)
IV. Transport Phenomena
16 Concentration polarization (PDF)
17 Forced convection in fuel cells I (PDF)
18 Forced convection in fuel cells II (PDF - 1.1MB)
19 Transient diffusion (PDF)
20 Warburg impedance (PDF) (Courtesy of ChangHoon Lim. Used with permission.)
21 Diffusion in concentrated solutions (PDF)
22 Transport in bulk electrolytes (PDF)
23 Ion concentration polarization (PDF)
V. Electrostatics
24 Diffuse charge in electrolytes (PDF)
25 Double layer structure (PDF)
26 Compact layer effects (PDF)
27 Frumkin-Butler-Volmer kinetics



28 Electrostatic correlations (PDF)
VI. Electrokinetics
29 Electrokinetics (PDF)
30 Linear electrokinetic phenomena (PDF)
31 Electrokinetic energy conversion (PDF)
VII. Porous Media
32 Percolation (PDF)
33 Conductivity of composites (PDF)
34 Transport in porous media (PDF)
35 Porous electrodes (PDF)
36 Supercapacitors (PDF - 1.0MB)
37 Pseudocapacitors and batteries (PDF - 1.4MB)
VIII. Phase Transformations
38 Nucleation and spinodal decomposition (PDF)
39 Phase separation dynamics (PDF)