Lecture Notes

Buy at Amazon The lecture note materials for this course include contributions from Dr. Peter Tse as well as adapted examples from the required course text: Heiman, Gary W. Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences. 4th ed. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company, July 2002. ISBN: 0618220178.

Lec # Topics
1 Introduction to Statistics (PDF)

Describing Data

Graphs, Central Tendency, and Spread (PDF)

3 Probability, I (PDF)

Probability, I (cont.) (PDF)

Probability, II (PDF)

5 Random Variables (PDF)
6 Sampling Theory (PDF)
7 Confidence Intervals (PDF)
8 Single-sample Hypothesis Testing, I (PDF)
9 Single-sample Hypothesis Testing, II (PDF)
10 Two-sample Hypothesis Testing, I (PDF)
11 Two Sample t-Test
12 Two-sample Hypothesis Testing, II (PDF)
13 Experimental Design, I (PDF)

Exam Review

Experimental Design, II (PDF)


Experimental Design, II (cont.)

Regression and Correlation, I (PDF)

16 Regression and Correlation, II (PDF)
17 Regression and Correlation, III (PDF)
18 Chi-square Tests (PDF)
19 One-way ANOVA, I (PDF)
20 One-way ANOVA, II (PDF)
21 Two-way ANOVA, I (PDF)
22 Review (with TA's) and Statistical Learning   
23 Two-way ANOVA, II (PDF)
24 Review