Prior to every lecture, students are required to read the latest edition of Aviation Week & Space Technology, in addition to the assignments listed below from the required textbook: Buy at Amazon Murman et al.  Lean Enterprise Value: Insights from MIT's Lean Aerospace Initiative. Palgrave Macmillan, 2002. ISBN: 0333976975.

1 Class Introduction
Preparing a Reflective Journal
  The Boeing Company, "Boeing Dismisses Two Executives for Unethical Conduct," news release, November 24, 2003.
2 Current Events
The 21st Century Enterprise Challenge
Dr. Robert Seamans Lean Enterprise Value, preface, ch. 1
3 Current Events
The Cold War Legacy
Prof. Sheila Widnall Lean Enterprise Value, ch. 2
4 Current Events
Monuments and Misalignments
Mr. Allen Haggerty Lean Enterprise Value, ch. 3
5 Current Events
Lean Thinking
Dr. Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld Lean Enterprise Value, ch. 4
6 Current Events
Islands of Success
Prof. Wesley Harris Lean Enterprise Value, ch. 5
7 Current Events
Lean Enterprises
Prof. Deborah Nightingale Lean Enterprise Value, ch. 6
8 Current Events
A Value-Creation Framework and Program Value
Prof. Raymond Leopold
Prof. Annalisa Weigel
Lean Enterprise Value, ch. 7-8
9 Current Events
Value in Corporate and Government Enterprises
Col. John Keesee
Ms. Heidi Wood
Dr. Myles Walton
Lean Enterprise Value, ch. 9
10 Current Events
Value at National and International Levels
Prof. Daniel Hastings Lean Enterprise Value, ch. 10-11
11 Student Interviews    
12 Student Interviews (cont.)