Lecture Notes

Class sessions follow a discussion format, with two main parts.  In one part, the day's invited guests lead a discussion about a topic of their expertise. In the other part of the session, current events are discussed by focusing on recently published Aviation Week and Space Technology articles.

The resources linked in this section contain not only slides presented in class, but a record of the discussion they fostered.  Some resources also include a schedule of the day's topics to illustrate the discussion format more clearly.

1 Class Introduction
Preparing a Reflective Journal (PDF)
2 Current Events
The 21st Century Enterprise Challenge
Dr. Robert Seamans
3 Current Events
The Cold War Legacy
Prof. Sheila Widnall
4 Current Events
Monuments and Misalignments
Mr. Allen Haggerty
5 Current Events
Lean Thinking (PDF) (Courtesy of Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld. Used with permission.)
Dr. Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld
6 Current Events
Islands of Success (PDF)
Prof. Wesley Harris
7 Current Events
Lean Enterprises (PDF)
Prof. Deborah Nightingale
8 Current Events
A Value-Creation Framework and Program Value (PDF)
Prof. Raymond Leopold
Prof. Annalisa Weigel
9 Current Events
Value in Corporate and Government Enterprises (PDF)
Col. John Keesee
Ms. Heidi Wood
Dr. Myles Walton
10 Current Events
Value at National and International Levels (PDF)
Prof. Daniel Hastings
11 Student Interviews  
12 Student Interviews (cont.)