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An Alliance for Innovation

In our first ten years, OCW has provided resources to 100 million people worldwide. By the end of our next decade, we aspire to reach one billion people with our materials. We are seeking a select group of elite corporate underwriters to join OCW in reaching this goal.

Next Decade Alliance members receive tangible benefits from their role in helping to shape the future of education on the Web, while providing the resources OCW needs to continue innovating in our next ten years. Members of the Next Decade Alliance enjoy the following benefits:

  • Branding on the OCW home page and Next Decade page
  • Membership in the Next Decade Alliance advisory council, meeting twice a year with MIT thought leaders to help shape the future of OCW
  • OCW Next Decade Alliance logo for your site and marketing materials
  • Underwriting messaging across the OCW site
  • Underwriting message in the OCW newsletter (150,000 self-subscribed)

Next Decade Alliance members may complete their underwriting benefits portfolio with additional opportunities, including:

  • Custom course list on our site, with your branding, highlighting the courses most relevant to your customers or workforce
  • Recruiting messaging on the OCW site

Become a member of the Next Decade Alliance. To develop your custom underwriting benefits portfolio, please contact the underwriting team at



OCW is grateful for the support of our Next Decade Alliance members:

MathWorks - Accelerating the pace of engineering and science.

Lockheed Martin - We never forget who we're working for.

Dow Chemical Company